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Working in Classrooms: Teaching, Time and Space. Learning Guide - Section Five - Making learning time and space for large classes

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Section Five builds on concepts developed throughout the module and on the idea that how teachers solve problems relating to space and time depends on what their teaching purpose is and on who the learners are. By the end of this section, you should be able to:
  • see how crowded space hinders teaching and learning;
  • use your judgement in developing an appropriate approach to arranging learning time and space, especially in large, overcrowded classes;
  • appreciate how such an approach depends on a notion of teaching as an intentional practice, which is both flexible and learning-centred;
  • understand the scope of teachers' responsibility for helping learners to shape learning time and space beyond the classroom and outside of school time;
  • use your judgement in thinking about how to enable learners to enter and work within the conceptual space of different subjects or learning areas.
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