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Quality Assurance Toolkit for Open and Distance Non-Formal Education

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Quality assurance (QA) systems applied in educational contexts are generally concerned with inputs ? how much money is spent, what staffing, resources and support are provided, what kinds of teaching and learning are involved and so on. There is an assumption ? not always fulfilled ? that the higher the standards of the inputs, the higher the quality of the outputs. In this toolkit, we propose a different approach: the evaluation of the programmes? outcomes, outputs and impacts. We also:
? Examine the differences between informal and self-directed learning, NFE and formal education.
? Provide examples of NFE programmes using a variety of face-to-face, distance education and technology-based teaching and learning methods.
? Consider the outputs, outcomes and impacts required in NFE programmes.
? Examine the approaches to QA that are needed in NFE.
? Propose the adoption of a rigorous but simple-to-use QA framework which is based on outputs, outcomes and impacts.

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