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Learning to change: you and your learning

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This unit is about using learning to bring about personal change. This assumes that learning can help achieve such change. It aims to be the first step in showing you how this is possible. The unit has three separate but related aspects: 1.The unit begins by looking at what the word ?learning?. This turns out to be a very wide ranging idea that suggests that human beings learn all the time. What we learn has important consequences for the direction in which we develop and change. 2.The unit then moves on from these general points about learning and offers you a sequence of opportunities to see what qualities, skills and knowledge you have already. This part of the unit includes a number of activities. It is important that you set time aside to do these activities for two reasons: a.On a practical level, the information you collect by doing these activities is useful to your studies. b.On a personal level, we hope that the outcome of the activities helps you to realise that you have a range of qualities, skills and knowledge which you can feel confident about. 3.Finally, the unit looks at ways that can help make sense of what you know about your learning. You will come across these as you work through the activities. They include the use of a mind mapping technique. The unit also asks you to think about how other people have developed their qualities, knowledge and skills. It is for this reason that we have included case studies and video material.

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