Learning to change: you and your learning

"This unit is about using learning to bring about personal change. This assumes that learning can help achieve such change. It aims to be the first step in showing you how this is possible. The unit has three separate but related aspects: 1.The unit begin

Preparing and Delivering Oral Presentations

This series of 28 slides provides instruction on preparing and delivering oral presentations. The first portion of the lesson focuses on classic principles of accessibility, understandability, and design. Later in the PowerPoint, significant attention is g

Introduction to creating digital audio, video and images

This resource covers podcasting, creating digital images, video and audio, audio and video blogging, and using free and open source software


This is a handbook for beginners and experts! You will find a range of activities in each section listed in the navigation box to the right. You don`t have to use them all! They`re just a collection of activities for all sorts of people. Just browse the se

Connect to and surf the internet

This page aims to provide a library of resources and activities that can be used to support learning how to connect to and use the internet

Manage a blog

This page has a number of links providing users with a guide to manage a blog - including editing posts, chaging settings, and creating a user profile

Writing effectively for a blog

This section looks at factors such as what to include in a post, getting to the point , telling the story and critical analysis

Digital information literacy

"This resource considers various topics covering Accessing a computer and the Internet, Accessing and interpreting information from the Internet, and Creating to interpret information from the Internet. "