South African Institute for Distance Education

OER Copyright and Licensing Toolkit

This toolkit is aimed at higher education stakeholders who are working with Open Educational Resources (OER). It explains the notion of copyright and describes the different licensing options available to the author/creator of a work.

Assessing Algebra in the Senior Phase: A Practical Guide

This booklet demonstrates how assessment can be used in learning and teaching Mathematics in the Senior Phase.

Sharing the Garden: Working with OER in African Contexts

This presentation will argue that the key usefulness of OER in African context is that it creates an impetus for the discovery and sharing of high quality existing resources as OER that are otherwise unknown or simply the preserve of individual institutio

Creating People Centred Schools Video: Changing management to manage change - a government report

This video is linked to Creating People Centred Schools learning guide, but carries debates which could also be used in a free-standing way for those interested in school organization and change.

Creating People Centred Schools: Section Four. Changing schools

Ideas on understanding change are taken forward into approaches to leading and managing change. School-as-organization approaches are compared with the school-as-community approach.

Creating People Centred Schools: Section Three. New contexts, new policies: new schools?

Beginning with a focus on South Africa, this section provides valuable coverage of approaches to school ‘effectiveness’ and school ‘improvement’. We learn more about schools as learning organizations.