Makerere University

Agricultural Marketing Management Module

The main objective of this module is to develop your understanding and skills to successfully manage the marketing of agricultural and food products in a global, ever-changing, competitive and sometimes even in a hostile environment.

Proposed Strategy for Establishing a Stable, Sustainable Learning Management System at Makerere University

During the week of 6th October, the SAIDE-CET planning team of the PHEA Educational Technology Initiative visited Makerere University to initiate the first phase of planning to establish an Integrated Education Technology Strategy for the Institution. Duri

A Report on the Status of Blackboard Courses from 2002 to November 2008

Blackboard Learning Management system has been the learning and teaching software at Makerere University since October 2002. It was introduced under an arrangement from TUFTS university co-curriculum project in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Scie

Information and Communication Technology: ICT Policy Master Plan Phase 2 (2005 ? 2009)

This document is the official Makerere University ICT Policy and outlines phase II of the Master Plan. It was approved by the 99th Council Meeting, 6 October 2004.

Deployment of e-Learning in a University: the case of Makerere University

This presentation by Samuel Siminyu was presented at the PHEA ETI workshop. It covers institutional history, e-learning history, current state of affairs, challenges faced by the university as well as recommendations and prospects for the future

The Status of E-Learning and Educational Technology in Makerere University

This presentation made by Tito Okumu identifies the institutional policy structure, the history of e-learning at Makerere, the curent status and prospects for the future

Current Research on e-Learning & Proposed Research Agenda for Makerere University

This presentation presented by Paul Muyinda covers the background, aims, objectives, ongoing and recently completed research, modus operandi, projects in the pipeline, benefits and research agenda for e-learning at Makerere University.

Makerere University First Visit Report

This document records the events and proceedures that was followed during the SAIDE/CET first visit to Makerere University in Kampala as part of teh Partnership for Higher Education in Africa Education Technology Initiative. The workshop and strategic visi