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Since inception in 2008, OER Africa has worked with institutions of higher education in Africa and the rest of the world, in the areas of agriculture education, health education and teacher education. We have supported faculty to improve teaching and learning, to address curriculum gap, to share new knowledge and to build networks and educational communities of practice through the use of OER and shared our common experiences through journal articles, research publications, conference presentations and various other documents.

Three exciting communities arose through our work in specific disciplines:

  • AgShare arose from the need to ensure that the teaching of agriculture within higher education institutions is actually responsive to the real life experiences and expectations of both farmers in the field and the communities they serve. In Africa, it is frequently the case that famine follows drought – yet the one is not a logical consequence of the other. To mitigate this patter, AgShare sought to build bridges between indigenous knowledge and the academy.
  • ATEN, the African OER Teacher Education Network resulted from an OER Africa Teacher Education project to respond to the needs of teachers for relevant resources to improve their practice and encourage learning by their students.
  • Health OER arose from the desire of faculty in African higher education institutions, to provide their students with contextually relevant resources and culturally appropriate learning experiences that would serve them in their practice of medicine.

The experiences and resources generated from these vibrant communities of practitioners continue to be hosted on the OER Africa website.


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