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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Toolkit for Open and Distance Non-Formal Education

This toolkit aims to enhance the quality of learning through ODL in health, agriculture and skills development for the non-formal sector.

Delivering Service Indicators in Education and Health: A Proposal

The Delivering Service Indicators seek to provide a set of indices for benchmarking service delivery performance in education and health in Africa in order to track progress in and across countries over time.

Building an Effective ?Open Education Resource? (OER) Environment for Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: The TESSA Experience

The Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) research and development programme is concerned with the huge challenges of supplying, training and retaining effective teachers to meet the needs of expanding primary education sectors across the region.

NADEOSA Quality Criteria for Distance Education in South Africa: Section Two - Quality Criteria

These criteria were initially developed in research for the Department of Education. They have since been revised by NADEOSA through a stakeholder process. There are thirteen criteria: Policy and planning, Learners, Programme development, Course design, Co