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OER Repositories

The Roles of Libraries and Information Professionals in Open Educational Resources (OER) Initiatives: Survey Report

The study focuses on the involvement of the Library as an organizational unit, and of individual librarians and other information science specialists, in open educational resources (OER) initiatives.

PHEA Educational Technology Initiative in Africa: Research Toolkit

An essential tool designed to help researchers develop and write a research proposal, decide on an approach, design and methodology for the project as well asdecide on methods of data analysis for the research. It is rich in activities and guides the user at evry opportunity.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy provides free education through a library of videos covering K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history.

Saylor Foundation is a free and open collection of college level courses.

OER and Open Licenses: The Dual-Pub Solution

There are several different types of CC licenses, and deciding which licenses are appropriate for different circumstances remains a significant point of contention for the OER community.

Open Australia's Archives: Open Access Principles for Australian Collection Institutions Version 1

The Opening Australia`s Archives project aims to work with Australia’s collecting institutions to increase the public’s ability to access and reuse our national collections. The project encourages the adoption of open access approaches through coordinated

Report on Open Repository Development in Developing and Transition Countries

The aim of this study was to create an inventory of current digital repository activities in developing countries at both the infrastructure and the services level.

The Use of Metadata for Educational Resources in Digital Repositories: Practices and Perspectives

The wide availability of educational resources is a common objective for universities, libraries, archives and other knowledge intensive institutions. Although generic metadata specifications (such as Dublin Core) seem to fulfill the need for documenting

The Collaborative Books Project

The Collaborative Books Project is a movement committed to develop online textbooks through open contributions.

Global Text Project

Global Text Project maintain the chapters for all Global Text Project books in open document format with extensive use of style sheets so that we can quickly convert them into different media or formats. Global Text Project books have been internationaliz