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Separating Rhetoric from Reality: The Process of Institutionalizing OER Practices at African Universities

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OER Africa is working with four universities in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa to support the deepening of pedagogical practices that employ open educational resources (OER) and use information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve teaching and learning at both faculty and institutional levels. Concurrently, we are seeking to build an evidence base from the emerging lessons of experience, which would give impetus to the application of similar strategies in other African institutions of higher education. // A growing willingness amongst institutions to engage with the concept of OER and to harness OER practices to improve quality is reflected in the work to date. It is, however, evident that universities typically place relatively limited focus on improving teaching and learning practices. Other academic activities, particularly academic research and administration, tend to take precedence over establishing a strong culture of improving students’ educational experiences through systematic research and investigation. 

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