study skills

Study Skills for Math

This simple tool introduces students to basic study skills methods such as pre-reading

Module C11 : Exam preparation

This module is concerned with preparing students for exams

Module S4 : Studying, learning and preparing for exams

This module introduces students to the possible effects of stress on their achievement of study goals

Communication Skills Textbook (PDF)

This textbook has been designed to support students who are studying Communication during the first semester of the first year. This textbook has been created by lecturers from the University of Malawi - Bunda College of Agriculture.

Module C4 ? Sources of knowledge and ideas

This module looks at different sources of knowledge and how they are valued at university. It then looks at referencing. Students are then introduced to the purpose of lectures and how to learn from them. Finally it deals with some depth with strategies fo

Getting organised to study

"When you have successfully completed this module you will have: worked out a systematic way of effectively monitoring and controlling your weekly study activities; used a systematic way of effectively monitoring and controlling your weekly study activitie

Preparing for tests and exams

This resource contains some suggested tips to help students prepare for their tests and examinations

7 steps to integrating goal setting for learning

This resources covers goal setting - looking at setting long term and short term goals and integrating these with your skills and abilities in order to develop your learning strategy

Studying the arts and humanities

This unit is an introduction to studying the arts and humanities. It takes you through a series of exercises designed to develop your approach to study and learning at a distance and improve your confidence as an independent learner.

Study Skills

This unit covers the following issues: getting rganised, dealing with procrastination and preparing for assignments, essays and reports