OER Hub Researcher Pack

This pack concentrates on the toolsthe OER Hub at the Open University in the UK has developed. If you are more interested in how to conduct open research, then we have produced an open course, available also as an open textbook: Open Research.

Emerging OER Research Discipline

In this blog post Martin Weller talks about how OER as a discipline has emerged.

Module C1 : Learning at university

This module highlights some of the key features of university reading and writing

PHEA Educational Technology Initiative in Africa: Research Toolkit

An essential tool designed to help researchers develop and write a research proposal, decide on an approach, design and methodology for the project as well asdecide on methods of data analysis for the research. It is rich in activities and guides the user at evry opportunity.

Perspectives of Agricultural Extension

The “Perspectives of Agricultural Extension” aims at providing AICM students with an understanding of the perspectives of agricultural extension.

JISC Collections Open Access Fees Project: Final Report Submitted to OAIG September 2011

Between 2009 and 2011, JISC Collections has undertaken three separate, yet linked, projects relating to the emergence of gold open access as an alternative business model for scholarly journals.

Open Access Business Models for Research Funders and Universities

This study covers the types of business model used for open access to publicly-funded research content. Various organizational structures developed to offer open access to publicly-funded research content are examined from the perspective of publicly-fu

Health Systems Research I

This module was developed at the School of Public Health, University for the Western Cape for the Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health which was offered as a distance learning module between 2001 and 2008.

Data Quality: Missing Data detailed specification

Quality control is the process of monitoring and maintaining the reliability, accuracy, and completeness of the data during the conduct of a project.

Data Quality: Missing Data (PPT slides)

This module describes how missing data can be managed while maintaining data quality.