Production economics

Weather Effects on Trend, Variance and Distribution of Crop Yield

This paper addresses some limitations in the literature that result from not taking into account weather, and proposes an approach to incorporate weather into modeling yield.

Whole Farm Income Insurance in a Canadian Context

This paper employs mean-variance and mean-skewness optimization to investigate farmers’ crop choices under Gross Revenue Insurance (GRIP), Whole Farm Income Insurance, the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization program, and its modified 2008 program A

Economic Analysis of Johne's Disease Control Strategies in Dairy Herds

This study examined the long-term feasibility and effectiveness of various producer strategies to prevent and control Johne’s disease in dairy herds, an infectious and incurable disease which has significant economic repercussions for the dairy industry.

A Note on Technical Efficiency, Productivity Growth and Competitiveness

Productivity and efficiency growth enhances competitiveness’. Similarly formulated statements are common in the literature on the economic performance of firms, industries and nations

Economic Feasibility of Ethanol Production from Sweet Sorghum Juice in Texas

The economic feasibility of producing ethanol from sweet sorghum juice is projected using Monte Carlo simulation models to estimate the price ethanol plants will likely have to pay for sweet sorghum and the uncertain returns for ethanol plants.

The Special Safeguard Mechanism in the Doha Development Agenda: a Case Study of Soybeans

The Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) proposed for developing countries has become a thorny issue in the Doha Development Agenda’s (DDA) agricultural negotiations.

Experience with weather index-based insurance in India and Malawi

Index-based insurance is an innovative financial product that has been introduced in recent years in countries as diverse as India, Malawi, Mongolia and Thailand.

The South African Maize Milling Industry: Can Small and Medium-scale Maize Milling Enterprise Survive and Thrive?

This paper investigates the competitiveness of small and medium-scale maize milling enterprises in South Africa from estimates of a translog stochastic cost frontier model.