Role and Importance of an Institutional OER Policy

This presentation was given by Tony Mays at the Open University of Tanzania in 2016.

University of Edinburgh Open Educational Resources Policy

This policy outlines the University’s position on Open Educational Resources (OERs) and provides guidelines for practice in learning and teaching.

University of Nairobi Open Access Policy

The Open Access policy will provide our scholars the opportunity and platform to promote their academic work by enhancing access to research outputs. Further, the policy will enhance the visibility and impact of our research output and archiving of our scholarly materials.

Turning on Mobile Learning in Africa and the Middle East: Illustrative Initiatives and Policy Implications

This report identifies three different types of mobile learning developments in Africa and the Middle East (AME). First, the region is host to a number of project-based interventions, many of which are small-scale, exploratory pilot projects. Second, recent social movements in AME have been enabled by the extensive use of mobile phones and social

New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (NZGOAL)

The New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL) was approved by Cabinet on 5 July 2010 as government guidance for State Services agencies to follow when releasing copyright works and non-copyright material for re-use by third parti

Exploring the Future of Cloud Computing: Riding the Next Wave of Technology-Driven Transformation

The World Economic Forum and Accenture recently completed the first part of a two-year research initiative to develop a set of collaborative actions and identify policy and industry recommendations that could steer the healthy development of cloud com

Information and Communication Technology for Education in India and South Asia: Essay 1 - Policy Coherence in the Application of ICTs for Education

The essay provides a study of existing policies in the focus countries, both in the education and the ICT sectors, to see what are the enabling features and the gaps with respect to key aspects such as content development, curriculum design, infrastructur

New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing Framework (NZGOAL)

NZGOAL sets out a series of open licensing and open access principles for copyrighted works and non-copyrighted material respectively. It further advocates the use of Creative Commons licences for thos State Service agencies` copyright works which are app

Report on Open Repository Development in Developing and Transition Countries

The aim of this study was to create an inventory of current digital repository activities in developing countries at both the infrastructure and the services level.