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Open licences

There are many different open licences, some for computer software and some for other forms of material. Each has its own terms, conditions and vocabulary. This chapter is an introduction to open licence language and to the open licences that are importan

Open Content Licensing (OCL) for Open Educational Resources

The last ten years have seen enormous change in the way we construct process and disseminate knowledge. It is now possible to communicate a thought, a message or learning plan in the blink of an eye to a world wide audience at very little cost. This capaci

Information Sheet on Creative Commons "NC" and "ND" Restrictions

The NC element in the CC licences means that you may use the work only in the cases described as follows. For all other uses you need permission from the rights holder of the work (this is typically the author, institution or publisher who made the work a

What status for ?open?? An examination of the licensing policies of open educational organizations and projects

Educators and self-learners need access to a wide range of educational resources – such as text, images, audiovisual materials, and manipulable objects – that can be modified, adapted, and creatively re-used. Historically, access to such materials was lim

IP Management for OCW

Intellectual property” refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.

How to attribute Creative Commons licensed materials

The same basic principles apply to providing attribution across all CC licences. When attributing a work under a CC licence you should: • Credit the creator • Provide the title of the work • Provide the URL where the work is hosted • Indicate the type

Guide to Open Content Licenses

In recent years copyright has moved away from being an esoteric and technical legal subject to one that affects musicians, designers, artists, students, authors, ordinary consumers, and more generally any one involved in any way in cultural production. Co

Does Accessibility Present Copyright Issues?

One of our goals at Penn State is to increase access to online courses, programs, and services for a broad spectrum of students, including students confronting barriers related to disabilities. In fact, as is the case with many distance education provider

Document for Commonwealth Countries on Copyright Matters in Education

In view of the contemporary scenario where a complex arrangement of international treaties and agreements govern intellectual property, and where countries are under pressure to adopt stricter copyright laws through Free Trade Agreements, countries could

Commonwealth of Learning Copyright Audit

To a significant extent, copyright law governs the production, dissemination and consumption of knowledge and culture. In an “information society” it is particularly important to ensure that the gates of learning are kept wide open. It is in this conte