open educational resources

2009 Horizon Report

The technologies featured in the 2009 Horizon Report are placed along three adoption horizons that represent what the Advisory Board considers likely timeframes for their entrance into mainstream use for teaching, learning, research, or creative applicatio

The Saide ACEMaths Project: Final Report

A reflective report on the Saide ACEMaths project, which piloted a collaborative approach to the sourcing, adaptation and publication as Open Educational Resources (OERs) of existing suitable materials for use in a variety of South African teacher

OER Africa's Potential Domain Areas and Partners

This analysis aims to better inform this important aspect of OER Africa’s work. With this in mind, this paper identifies the areas (domains) that OER Africa might initially target, outlines the context and criteria under which they might be considered for

Reflections on Sustaining Open Educational Resources: An Institutional Case Study

This paper reviews some of the literature on the sustainability of Open Educational Resources (OER) and what it has to say about successful or sustainable open content projects on the internet. It goes on to argue that OER need to be considered with respe

Open Educational Resources for Management Education: Lessons from Experience

“Open movements” have gained increasing importance in various areas. In this paper we are interested in the particular case of Open Educational Resources (OER) and more specifically in the use of OER in Management Education. We first present the results of

Leadership Initiative for Public Health in East Africa

With funding from USAID, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health is leading a five-year initiative to strengthen the capacity of public health schools in East Africa. Johns Hopkins is collaborating with the Makerere University School of Publi

Health Education and Training in Africa

These are links to the Open University, UK (OU) website, where this initiative is described. OU is collaborating with the Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET) to promote capacity building in the health workforce by supporting the development of healt