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An Open Knowledge Primer for OER Africa

First there were Open Educational Resources (OER); Then there was Open Access (OA); Increasingly academics and researchers are making Open Data integral to scholarly communication; Rather than segmenting the three, many practitioners use the phrase; Open Knowledge; This primer is meant to complement work carried out at OER Africa on OER and IPR/copyrigh;It broadens the discussion to include open access and open data, issues that impact on sub-Saharan African universities but that are not discussed as extensively within sub-Saharan African universities as they should be.

Open access journals and publishing options in health sciences

The term “open access” refers to resources (often scholarly journal articles) that are freely and publicly accessible to anyone worldwide. Depending the particular terms of use of a given open access journal, the journal may also allow people to copy, mod

Potential Effect of Making Journals Free After a Six Month Embargo: A Report for the Association of Learned, Professional and Society Publishers (ALPSP) and The Publishers Association

This report documents the results of a survey carried out to obtain a significant body of information on how the acquisitions policies of libraries might be affected by an across-theboard mandate to make journals articles free of charge six months after publication.

The Openness-Creativity Cycle in Education - A Perspective

This paper explores the concept of an `open scholar` whose practice is shaped by digital and networked technologies.

The Case for Openness: Access to Knowledge, Visibility, Influence, Participation and Quality

This article discusses the different roles of "openness" in education and how African universities can contribute and become more globally visible.

AgShare Resource Guide: Freely available academic readings to supplement course modules

This resource guide is a compendium of the individual handbooks that were prepared for the AgShare university partners. It is subdivided into sections, such as lecture materials, student readings, websites, and video.

Open Australia's Archives: Open Access Principles for Australian Collection Institutions Version 1

The Opening Australia`s Archives project aims to work with Australia’s collecting institutions to increase the public’s ability to access and reuse our national collections. The project encourages the adoption of open access approaches through coordinated

Open Access Advocacy: Think Globally, Act Locally

Authors of this article describe how global advocacy affected their local, institutional open access activities that resulted in a library faculty open access resolution at University of Northern Colo-rado Libraries

Open Access Policy Background - Brigham Young University. IPT 692R :: Summer 2009

Although this document begins with the religious ideology of Brigham Young University, it provides a useful analysis of the status of open access at universities in the United States of America.