Innovating Pedagogy 2015: Open University Innovation Report 4

This is the fourth in a series of annual reports on innovations in teaching, learning and assessment. The Innovating Pedagogy reports are intended for teachers, policy makers, academics and anyone interested in how education may change over the next ten years. This 2015 report introduces ten pedagogies that either already influence educational practice or offer opportunities for the future. By ‘innovative pedagogies’ we mean theories and practices of teaching, learning and assessment for the modern, technology-enabled world.

Working in Classrooms. Reading 8 - Amusing ourselves to death

Although both extracts about television, they also present a set of arguments about information, learning and education.

Learning to change: you and your learning

"This unit is about using learning to bring about personal change. This assumes that learning can help achieve such change. It aims to be the first step in showing you how this is possible. The unit has three separate but related aspects: 1.The unit begin

Module C1 : Learning at university

This module highlights some of the key features of university reading and writing