The 361 Model for Transforming Teaching and Learning with Technology

Focusing technology initiatives on learning while aligning them with the institutional mission can transform teaching and learning

Effective Management of Information Security and Privacy

This article highlights that security and privacy are not IT issues, and they demand a comprehensive, strategic, team approach to find effective solutions

Paradoxes and Dilemmas in Managing E-Learning in Higher Education

Information and communication technologies (ICT) affect currently most spheres of life, including all educational levels. Their effects are most likely to grow in the future. However, many predictions in the last few years as to the sweeping impact of the

Models of Technology and Change In Higher Education - An international comparative survey on the current and future use of ICT in Higher Education

"The aim of the study was to investigate strategic and policy-based initiatives with respect to the use of eLearning in higher education. Therefore, the main questions for this study were: Which “eLearning scenarios” are emerging, how can future developmen

E-Learning?A Financial and Strategic Perspective

Institutions can consider different options in shaping a long-term strategy for achieving acceptable financial returns from e-learning

Investing in Educational Technologies: The Challenge of Reconciling Institutional Strategies, Faculty Goals, and Student Expectations

"The Higher Education in the Digital Age Project (HEDA) is concerned with the policy implications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for higher education. This paper specifically analyzes some of the ways in which ICTs are being employed

Student Guidelines for Electronic Communication at Penn State

The guide lists some policies and tips that are basic courtesies for online communication. They will help students present themselves and organize themselves electronically

Strategic Overview: Managing Sustainable ICT in Further and Higher Education

A strategic overview of the current issues concerning the management of environmentally sustainable Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in further and higher education

The Development of Institutional Strategies

The article consists of both a description of assumptions the near term developments and six recommendations for university leaders on how to guide their institutions in the digital age. The main conclusion of the paper is that university leaders need a lo

ICT policy on the institutional level in institutions of higher education

Considers high level issues that need to be addressed at HEIs, such as the importance of developing an ICT policy. Poses important questions to address pertinent issues in ICT in HEI