Separating Rhetoric from Reality: The Process of Institutionalizing OER Practices at African Universities

OER Africa is working with four universities in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa to support the deepening of pedagogical practices that employ open educational resources (OER) and use information and communication technologies (ICT) to improve teaching and learning at both faculty and institutional levels.

Using Media in Teaching: Learning Guide. Section One - How to Use This Module

The important question we address in this module is: How can teachers use popular media, textbooks, and computer
technologies to create a learning environment that equips learners with the knowledge and skills to live and work thoughtfully in a changing South Africa?

eLearning Africa 2012 Report

The intention of The eLearning Africa 2012 Report is to help fill this gap, provide thought leadership and shape policy and practice across the Continent in such a way that the transformative potential of technology in learning and training can be realised more fully.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 4 - ICT in Support of Farming. Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers

This lesson provides information on the basics of computer hardware and software systems, information on different storage devices, the importance of the role ICT can play in agricultural operations, and the importance of ICT as a communication tool in sh

Thematic Paper ICT, Education, Development, and the Knowledge Society

This paper is one of a series prepared for the AUC capacity building programme, with a focus on ICT, Education, Development and the Knowledge Society. It focuses on understanding what a knowledge society is and exploring its relationship to ICT, Education

An empirical survey on domestication of ICT in schools in disadvantaged communities in South Africa

This study aims at investigating the factors that affect the integration of ICTs in teaching and learning. The focus of this paper is on the domestication of ICTs in schools serving the disadvantaged communities in a developing country context.

The Use of ICT at Kenyatta University

The Use of ICT at Kenyatta University brochure, is one of a series that aims to showcase good practice in African higher education. It is intended for higher education decision-makers on the Continent and overseas.

Living with the Internet: online shopping

Online shopping – think of it as a shopping centre in cyberspace, with online auctions as the car-boot sale in the car park. This unit will help you understand how to use online shopping sites, how to ensure that you are using the best sites and the best w

Information on the web

The World Wide Web is a vast information resource. This unit will provide you with the foundation skills to use search engines confidently to locate both information and images on the Web. You will also learn how to critically assess and reference the info

ICTs in everyday life

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are surrounded by networks through which information flows constantly. Our notions of time and location are changing – the world seems to have become a ‘global village’ where distance is no longer a barrier to commerci