Higher Education

2nd Visit Report by PHEA ETI Facilitators to UCM

This document recounts the experiences of the PHEA ETI facilitators during their second visit to UCM. The visit was designed to aid the university develop specific project proposals and an institutional education Technology Strategy.


2nd Visit Report to Makerere by PHEA ETI Facilitators

This report recounts the experiences of the PHEA ETI facilitators during the second official visit to Makerere. During this visit a number of workshops were run to determine a range of potential ET Project proposals as well as provide advice on the writing

Higher Education for a Digital Age

A document written by B.M. Gourley for the Independent Institute of Education Forum on ways that ICTs can add value to Higher Education

Future of Higher Education: How Technology Will Shape Learning. A Report from the Economist Intelligence Unit Sponsored by the New Media Consortium

Technological innovation, long a hallmark of academic research, may now be changing the very way that universities teach and students learn. For academic institutions, charged with equipping graduates to compete in today’s knowledge economy, the possibilit

Arusha Convention (Draft)

This is a preliminary draft of the amended text of the regional convention on the recognition of studies, certificates, diplomas, degrees and other academic qualifications in higher education in African States.

Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Sector of Higher Education ? What are the Scenarios for UCM?

An overview of the changing Higher Education sector in Mozambique. This presentation looks at threats and opportunities facing the Catholic University of Mozambique. The presentation is in Portuguese.