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E-Learning is a peer-reviewed international journal directed towards the study and research of e-learning in its diverse aspects: pedagogical, curricular, sociological, economic, philosophical and political. The journal aims to serve as an international

Access to ICT for teaching and learning: From single artefact to inter-related resources

In the past few years, concepts of the digital divide and theories of access to ICT have evolved beyond a focus on the separation of the `haves` and the `have nots` to include more than just physical access to computers. Researchers have started considerin

Concurrent Development and Cost-benefit Analysis of Paper-Based and Digitized Instructional Material

This article describes the simultaneous development of paper-based and digitized versions of a textbook and related instructional material used in an independent study, undergraduate introductory financial accounting course. Faculty and mangers of post-sec

Directing Traffic: Managing Internet Bandwidth Fairly

Using open source software to build a traffic management system gave UW–Eau Claire campus network neutrality, low costs, and low maintenance for managing bandwidth

Models of Technology and Change In Higher Education - An international comparative survey on the current and future use of ICT in Higher Education

"The aim of the study was to investigate strategic and policy-based initiatives with respect to the use of eLearning in higher education. Therefore, the main questions for this study were: Which “eLearning scenarios” are emerging, how can future developmen

Strategic Planning for Technological Change

This article emphasises that building technological change into the strategic planning process of a university prepares an institution to anticipate, recognize, and adapt to change.

Developing an E-Learning Strategy for Public Universities in Ghana

While technology has enabled online education in many countries, the same cannot be said for African public universities. Universities in Ghana have made some progress in building networking infrastructure and acquiring computers, but integrating technolog

ICT policy on the institutional level in institutions of higher education

Considers high level issues that need to be addressed at HEIs, such as the importance of developing an ICT policy. Poses important questions to address pertinent issues in ICT in HEI

Policy Issues in ICT Education and Training

"This paper presents an overview of policy issues worth considering when developing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy for higher learning institutions in East Africa countries. It commences by expounding the rationale behind ICT policy

Open Source Software in Education

Academia has adopted open source software for some online learning initiatives because it addresses persistent technical challenges. This article consider the histrory of Open Source, its Impact on teaching and learning, and the various options that univer