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Open Educational Resources and Higher Education

This paper examines the concept of OER in more detail, offering a simple, clear definition, explaining the economic and educational potential behind that definition, introducing examples of OER practices around the world, exploring legal considerations

Crossing the Chasm: OER in Africa ? A Sea Change: Reclaiming our Power ? Reclaiming the Potential of Higher Education

This is a keynote address made by Catherine Ngugi at the Open Education Conference: Crossing the Chasm held at the Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from the 12 - 14 August 2009.

Internationalization of Higher Education in Developing Countries: Challenges, Strategies, Policies and Programs

Education and development have an unbroken connection. This is not just now rather in the past centuries. In globalization age, education differs with the last age. In the past decades, the focus of education maybe was on the primary education to increase

Educating the Net Generation: A Handbook of Findings for Practice and Policy

It has been widely suggested, and in some respects accepted, that a so-called Net Generation of students is passing through our universities. Born roughly between 1980 and 1994 these students have been characterised as being technologically savvy, having

The Edgeless University: Why Higher Education Must Embrace Technology.

British universities have world-class reputations and they are vital to our social and economic future. But they are in a tight spot. The huge public investment that sustained much of the sector is in jeopardy and the current way of working is not sust

New Technologies, New Pedagogies: Mobile Learning in Higher Education

The purpose of this e-book is to explore the use of mobile devices in learning in higher education, and to provide examples of good pedagogy. We are sure that the rich variety of examples of mobile learning found in this book will provide the reader wit

Harnessing Openness to Improve Research, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

In this report the Committee for Economic Development examines higher education through the lens of openness. Their goal was to understand the potential impact of greater openness on colleges and universities. Like other service industries such as finance

E-learning policy issues: Global trends, themes and tensions

This paper provides an overview of experiences in the development of e-learning policy for the tertiary sector across a number of countries. It contrasts how different countries have responded to e-learning and proposes a discernible pattern to policy deve

A Study on the Effective Use of Social Software by Further and Higher Education in the UK to Support Student Learning and Engagement

This study examined the use of social software in the UK further and higher education sectors to collect evidence of the effective use of social software in enhancing student learning and engagement. In this study, data from 26 initiatives, where social s

Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World.

Supported by the principal bodies and agencies in UK post-compulsory education, the Committee was set up in February 2008 to conduct an independent inquiry into the strategic and policy implications for higher education of the experience and expectations