Higher Education

Launch of the Sol Plaatje University

Saide's Director, Jenny Glennie, was recently appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training to Chair the Interim Council of the new Sol Platje University. As part of the launch proceedings she addressed the Award Winners of the Architectural Competition, commenting on the role of the Council and the vision of the University 

University of Nairobi Open Access Policy

The Open Access policy will provide our scholars the opportunity and platform to promote their academic work by enhancing access to research outputs. Further, the policy will enhance the visibility and impact of our research output and archiving of our scholarly materials.

Impact of OpenCourseWare Publication on Higher Education Participation and Student Recruitment

This paper reviews evaluation conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), and Open Universiteit Nederland (OUNL) concerning OCW effects on higher education participation and student recruitment.

Growing the Curriculum: Open Education Resources in US Higher Education

This online report from the Babson Survey Research Group is an output on a survey of academic leaders between 2009 - 201 on their knowledge, use and opinion of OER.

The Impact of OER and eLearning on Higher Education in Africa

Presentation by Catherine Ngugi and Neil Butcher at the African Education Week, Sandton Convention Centre, 2nd - 4th July 2012

Guidelines for Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education

The guidelines outline key issues and suggestions for integrating OER into higher education to support quality teaching and learning. The aim of this document, prepared by the Secretariat, is to encourage educational stakeholders to invest in the producti

The Future of Universities: New Dynamics for Development

Are universities becoming more open or more closed? Starting from the trends identified at UNESCO’s 2009 World Conference on Higher Education the presentation looks at the recent evolution of higher education, most especially the use of technology.

Beyond OER: Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practices. OPAL Report 2011

This study presents the findings of a quantitative study on the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) in Higher Education and Adult Learning Institutions.

Learning, Innovation and ICT: Lessons Learned by the ICT Cluster Education & Training 2010 Programme

The following paper brings the most significant findings and lessons learned from the Cluster on ICT together in a single report. The report is intended to further disseminate the main conclusions from the ICT cluster discussions.