New student guide to preventing plagiarism

This is an open-access, expert-driven guide to understanding and avoiding plagiarism. You can see the new guide here: guidebook has been developed to help students better understand the different types of plagiarism, the consequences they carry, and, most importantly, how to avoid plagiarism entirely.

AgShare Resource Guide: Freely available academic readings to supplement course modules

This resource guide is a compendium of the individual handbooks that were prepared for the AgShare university partners. It is subdivided into sections, such as lecture materials, student readings, websites, and video.

Guide to Teaching and Learning in Higher Eductaion - Module 5: Effective teaching and learning in Large Classes

Written for the African Higher Education context, this module assists teachers who have responsibility for teaching large classes. It addresses issues such as How does class size make a difference? Developing and implementing curriculum for large classes,

Large Classes: A Teaching Guide

This guide to teaching large classes from the University of Maryland addresses the challenge of providing high quality educational experiences to undergraduates in large lecture classes.

Teaching Large Classes

Actively engaging students in these classes is not easy but there are a few strategies that will allow you to break up your lecture, assess your student`s understanding, and engage them in learning. The resources provided are examples of techniques that h

Teaching Large Classes AUTC Project

"This site has two major purposes: 1) to serve as a resource for academics and course managers involved in the teaching &/or management of large classes, and 2) to serve as a record of the project`s activities. The site contains Resources, Guidelines

The Large Class Teaching Guidelines

"The guidelines for teaching with large classes are divided into four areas Planning and teaching Planning and conducting assessment Administration and management Tutoring and demonstrating "

Distance education at a glance - strategies for teaching at a distance

In order to help teachers, administrators, facilitators, and students understand distance education, Barry Willis, the Associate Dean for Outreach, and the Engineering Outreach staff (at the University of Idaho) presents a series of guides highlighting inf

Think Small! A Beginner?s Guide to Using Technology to Promote Learning

This article targets the faculty member in higher education who is relatively inexperienced in the art of teaching with technology or who has been frustrated in previous attempts because of the overwhelming number of options available. In contrast to the c

Teaching Online: How To...

Follow a step-by-step process to translate your classroom-based course into an online distance course.