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What's Trending Update: Focus on ICTs

BRIDGE’s focus on ICTs as a cross-cutting theme in education has recently taken centre stage in several contexts. An important concern is to make sure that the device is not the goal; technology must support teaching and learning rather than overwhelming it.

Innovating Pedagogy 2015: Open University Innovation Report 4

This is the fourth in a series of annual reports on innovations in teaching, learning and assessment. The Innovating Pedagogy reports are intended for teachers, policy makers, academics and anyone interested in how education may change over the next ten years. This 2015 report introduces ten pedagogies that either already influence educational practice or offer opportunities for the future. By ‘innovative pedagogies’ we mean theories and practices of teaching, learning and assessment for the modern, technology-enabled world.

Educational Technology for Effective Teaching: A Handbook for Educators

This course on educational technology comprises of 16 units covering different aspects of educational technology as a field of study. Educational technology is a combined application of three major sciences for classroom activities. These are Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Managerial Sciences.

Saide Newsletter vol.20 no. 1 2014

This first issue of 2014 contains articles on the wrap up of our PHEA ETI - Partnership in Higher Education in Africa Educational Technology Initiative; an accreditation and audit workshop that we facilitated for the National Institute for Distance Education (INED) in Mozambique; research we are doing for the Research on Open Educational Resources for Development - ROER4D project which is a large project being led by the University of Cape Town; and finally a workshop that was conducted for the Africa Nazarene University in Kenya who are exploring the possibilities of using open educational

Think Small! A Beginner?s Guide to Using Technology to Promote Learning

This article targets the faculty member in higher education who is relatively inexperienced in the art of teaching with technology or who has been frustrated in previous attempts because of the overwhelming number of options available. In contrast to the c

Faculty Adoption of Educational Technology

This article argues that educational technology support plays a critical role in helping faculty add technology to their teaching, and proposed a Faculty Educational Technology Adoption Cycle