Economic Development

The Impact of Agricultural Growth on Rural Non-Farm Incomes and Employment in Alabama

The objective in this paper therefore is to examine the importance of rural-urban growth linkages with a focus on the Black Belt region and estimate agricultural growth multipliers.

Liquidity Costs in Futures Options Markets

The major finding is that liquidity costs in futures options market are two to three times higher than liquidity costs in the futures market.

Changes in Debt Patterns and Financial Structure of Farm Businesses: A Double Hurdle Approach

This paper uses a double hurdle model to help explain one aspect of the changing capital structure of U.S. production agriculture--the increase in the number of debt free farms.

Community Development and Local Social Capital

While a substantial amount of research has been devoted to showing what social capital does, research explaining social capital itself lags behind. The literature has a long tradition of examining the effect of social capital on local economic growth and

China?s growth and the agricultural exports of Southern Africa

The implications of China’s growth for the development prospects of Sub-Saharan Africa have been the subject of recent attention. Interest in this topic is motivated by the increasing presence of China in the region and the growing bilateral trade links b

Rural and Urban Linkages: Opertion Flood's Role in India's Dairy Development

In India, dairy production is important for employment, income levels, and the nutritional quality of diets. Milk production in India is dominated by smallholder farmers including landless agricultural workers. For example, 80 percent of milk comes from f

Experience with weather index-based insurance in India and Malawi

Index-based insurance is an innovative financial product that has been introduced in recent years in countries as diverse as India, Malawi, Mongolia and Thailand.