Decision making

Module S5 ? Reviewing your career and study decisions

"This module allows students to examine commonly-used decision-making styles in relation to theircareer management processes

Life Skills Development/Module One/Unit 1: Values Education

Education is a process of initiating the learner to a good life. In order to live this `good` life, the learner has to acquire, through this education knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and other behaviour patterns.

Making Decisions

This unit covers a few key topics that will help you to think in broad ways about how you and others take decisions; we shall also introduce you to some themes in social science which have direct relevance to managerial decision making. The approach of thi

Science and society: A career and professional development course

Scientists throughout the world are increasingly interested in the relationship between science and society. Part of their concern is with the social responsibilities scientists have in relation to broader public interests. That raises important issues to