crop management

Weather Effects on Trend, Variance and Distribution of Crop Yield

This paper addresses some limitations in the literature that result from not taking into account weather, and proposes an approach to incorporate weather into modeling yield.

An Econometric Analysis of U.S. Crop Yield and Cropland Acreage: Implications for the Impact of Climate Change

We conduct an econometric analysis of the factors influencing U.S. crop yields and acres using U.S. county level data from 1977 to 2007 and evaluate the likely effects of future climate change on U.S. crop yields based on the projected climate changes by

U.S. Cotton Acreage Response Due to Subsidized Crop Insurance

U.S. farm policy has undergone a series of premium subsidy increases since 1994 to make crop insurance more affordable to farmers. Previous research shows that subsidized crop insurance may cause farmers to shift or expand their production.