Agricultural Economics

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 2 - Sustainable Agriculture. Lesson 3: Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture

This lesson provides information on value factors for various agricultural products, describes methods of sustaining or improving yield, identifies the economic value change due to yield and the impact of value addition to agricultural products.

Land Reform and Farm-Household Income Inequality: The Case of Georgia

The income inequality implications of land reform are examined for the case of Georgia using regression-based inequality decomposition techniques.

Enhancing Learning via the Internet: The Internet Agricultural Bank Simulation Game

This poster highlights features of the internet version of the Oklahoma Agricultural Bank Simulation Game and reports results of pre and post tests of undergraduate students playing the game at Louisiana State University and Oklahoma State University.

The Impact of Agricultural Growth on Rural Non-Farm Incomes and Employment in Alabama

The objective in this paper therefore is to examine the importance of rural-urban growth linkages with a focus on the Black Belt region and estimate agricultural growth multipliers.

How the leopard has changed its spots: past dynamics and future opportunities

A commemorative lecture outlining the history and future opportunities of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa.

The Impact of Biofuels Policy on Agribusiness Stock Prices

This study investigates the impact of biofuels policy on U.S. agribusiness stock prices.

Agricultural Arbitrage, Adjustment Costs, and the Intensive Margin

Farmland and capital are an important and rapidly expanding component of the agricultural economy, and empirical evidence suggests that these assets are quasi-fixed in that adjustment costs are incurred when holdings are altered.

Inter-firm Relationships and Performance Factors in the Australian Beef Supply Chain: Implications for the Stakeholders

A recent study by Meat & Livestock Australia revealed that cost competitiveness and market development issues in supply chain are the major factors for a long term decline of the Australian Beef industry.