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Health OER

Exercising advocacy: Some personal ideas and experiences

This video lecture can be used by self learners or as a supplement to sports science course material.

Order of Mapungubwe

This video lecture can be used by self learners or as a supplement to sports science course material.

Examination of the Nervous System (Video tutorial)

A teaching video of how to conduct the basic neurological examination, designed for 3rd year medical students.

Disability and Social Change A South African Agenda

This text can be used to support students in disability studies. This powerful volume represents the broadest engagement with disability issues in South Africa yet.

Training Trainers for Health and Human Rights

The aims of this manual are: To provide those interested in doing human rights teaching with a framework for training of trainers in health and human rights To provide resources which will be of use to the training of trainers and students

South African Child Gauge 2009/2010

This collection of papers focused on the theme `Healthy children: From survival to optimal development` can be used for independent study/research or for integration into child development curriculum.

Gastric Lavage Procedure Animation

This animation can be used to demonstrate how this sensitive procedure is performed to medical students.

Climate change and health in the SADC Region

While this is currently a research work which outlines research and development objectives, it is envisaged that much of the material reviewed is also suitable for inclusion in teaching - particularly postgraduate teaching at University Masters level.

Health and Human Rights Pamphlets

The Learning Network pamphlets have been developed using principles of popular education and are suited for use by academia and community organisations` with other members of civil society.

Doctors in a Divided Society: The profession and education of medical practitioners in South Africa

This study on the medical profession and its related education programmes considers the multiple worlds of medical practice in South Africa ten years into democracy, from a number of perspectives.