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Health OER

Estimation of Haemoglobin Concentration

In this programme, the estimation of haemoglobin concentration is demonstrated in a video lesson.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

This pharmacological resource demonstrates the procedure in quatitative measuring of glucose level in the blood.

Case Scenarios In Pediatric Practices

Pictures are very important complimentary teaching materials. They provide vivid visual impressions to aid clinical students in making diagnosis.

UCT Digital Pathology collection: Student cases

These are short case studies built around selected specimens in the UCT pathology teaching collection, intended to support learning around common pathological conditions in Southern Africa.

Developing and using Open Educational Resources at KNUST

In May 2011, Pro Vice Chancellor Peter Donkor published this article in the Digital Learning Resources online journal.

Series of Lectures to the UCT Rugby Team

“The greatest hurdle is the mental barrier”. This trilogy of lectures was originally presented to the University of Cape Town’s Rugby Team in 2008. The lectures centre around Prof Noakes’ teachings of self belief and team unity as role players in athletic performance.

Time to move beyond a brainless physiology

“Exercise is a complex behavior that is regulated by a complex system”. In this talk, Prof Noakes seeks to include the brain as a factor in exercise physiology. He starts with the classical teachings in exercise physiology and continues by looking at various models such as the A.V. Hill model and the peripheral model.

Beyond the VO2 max: The role of self-belief in elite athletic performance

This lecture explores how success in sports ranging from extreme cold water swimming to World Cup rugby are linked by a common thread - the role of self-belief.