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Health OER

Addressing Diarrhea Through Public Health Action: The Case of an Informal Settlement in Sub-Saharan Africa

The case concerns an informal settlement with a high prevalence of diarrheal disease in sub-Saharan Africa, and the factors that feed into this situation.

Public Health Nutrition: Policy and Programming

This module aims to equip MPH students to critically analyse, identify and plan successful nutrition programmes.

Health Promotion I Module Guide

The module covers four main areas, aimed at providing an insight into the concepts, history and applications of Health Promotion.

2012 African Health OER Network Impact Study

This impact evaluation focused more broadly on Network activities, including these four institutions and partnerships that have been formed since project inception in 2008, as well as broader usage of health OER by other users not affiliated with the Netw

Micronutrient Malnutrition Module Guide

This module, aims to equip Public Health professionals with sufficient knowledge of micronutrients to recognise and address the problem of micronutrient deficiency at a community and population level.

The Revolving Door: Child Malnutrition in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape South Africa: Case Study

This case study focuses on the multiple factors which feed into under 5 malnutrition (including the social determinants of disease). It is set in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa in 2002.

Health Management II Module Guide

Health Management is considered an important skill area for Public Health professionals. The module covers three key management areas: change management, planning and resource management.

Alcohol Problems: A Health Promotion Approach Module Guide

This module explores strategies for a population wide (Public health) approach to alcohol problems rather than an individual approach. It

Inguinal Canal Powerpoint

Undergraduate medical students learning functional anatomy. This resource is used to complement cadaver dissection practicals.

Digital Professionalism

A new initiative teaching first year health science students about their online identity has proven valuable. The importance of communication skills and respect for others through social media is identified and explained.