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Life Skills

Time Management/Activities/long term study schedule

An activity that allows students to create their own Semester Long Study Schedule

Time Management

Contains a number of links where you can access time management resources

Guide to Interpersonal Communication (Civil Engineering)

As a professional civil engineer, you will be expected to negotiate a variety of interpersonal communications. Civil engineers frequently work in teams that include a diverse collection of professionals: other civil engineers, lawyers, environmental expert

Making Decisions

This unit covers a few key topics that will help you to think in broad ways about how you and others take decisions; we shall also introduce you to some themes in social science which have direct relevance to managerial decision making. The approach of thi

Studying the arts and humanities

This unit is an introduction to studying the arts and humanities. It takes you through a series of exercises designed to develop your approach to study and learning at a distance and improve your confidence as an independent learner.

Study Skills

This unit covers the following issues: getting rganised, dealing with procrastination and preparing for assignments, essays and reports

Processes of study in the arts and humanities

This unit is essential reading if you want to look at, and think about, people`s ideas, practices and products to try to understand what they mean. Developing your skill in analysis–interpretation–evaluation and communication is a good and worthwhile inves

Managing Stress

The aim of this lesson is to enable students to be aware of how to manage their approach to studying to reduce stress. It is the fifth lesson in the study skills series and is intended to support adult learners who are embarking on a course of study and ne

Time Management (pdf) ')

The aim of this lesson is to develop students` understanding of the importance of managing time.

Examination Skills (Word)

A chapter on examination skills from the textbook, Communication Skills, developed by the Language Communication for Development Department at the Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi.