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Life Skills

Study Skills for Math

This simple tool introduces students to basic study skills methods such as pre-reading

Module C11 : Exam preparation

This module is concerned with preparing students for exams

Module S4 : Studying, learning and preparing for exams

This module introduces students to the possible effects of stress on their achievement of study goals

Life Skills Development/Module Three/Unit 3: Conflict Management

In this unit learners will recognize the various types of conflicts and utilize techniques to effectively resolve conflict

Life Skills Development/Module Two/Gender and Sex Roles

This unit discusses gender and sex roles in relation to interpersonal relationships.

Life Skills Development/Module Two/Relationships

This unit deals with human relationships. Human relationships refers to how you feel and act towards others and they towards you.

Life Skills Development/Module One/Unit 1: Values Education

Education is a process of initiating the learner to a good life. In order to live this `good` life, the learner has to acquire, through this education knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and other behaviour patterns.