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Learning and Thinking Skills

Module C3 ? Working with concepts

"The activities in this module introduce users to a paragraph structure that is commonly used in academic writing. It also looks at how to acknowledge other writers’ ideas through the use of a standard referencing system. "

Finding information in technology

The internet provides a world of information, but how do you find what you are looking for? This unit will help you discover the meaning of information quality and teach you how to evaluate the material you come across in your study of technology. You will

Citing sources

A guide to citing sources from print and the web.

Research on the Internet

Got an essay, research paper or thesis to write? Want to research using the Internet? Here’s a brief guide to get you started.

Learning, thinking and doing

How do we learn? Understanding `how` is the key to learning more effectively. This unit looks at the three main categories of theories: the acquisitive, constructivist and experiential models of learning. There is no right way to learn but developing an ac

Learning Styles

The aim of this lesson is to help students identify their personal learning styles so they can study and learn more effectively

Active Learning

The aim of this lesson is to enable students to take control of their learning in a positive way.

Successful Learning Skills

Discussion and suggestions on planning your learning efforts to be successful in college courses. Seven key points are covered including: time commitment, capacity to concentrate, regular study times, variety and repetition, interaction with other students

Modeling Research Skills

The fifth lesson in the Family, History and Memory module centers on developing students` research skills. Using the book The Diary of Anne Frank as a starting point, it guides students through the necessary steps for conducting good-quality research and d