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ICT and information literacy

Manage a blog

This page has a number of links providing users with a guide to manage a blog - including editing posts, chaging settings, and creating a user profile

Referencing using APA/Resources/Paraphrasing, Summarising and Quoting

"This site shows you how work from other authors might be integrated into a paragraph. Please note that this referencing is not in the APA style."

Operate a word processor

This page provides a libary of resources that can be used to help students develop word-processing skills.

Navigate within the Windows environment

This page contains a section of resources and activities designed to help students become familiar operating within the Windows environment.

Getting the most out of your blog

Depending on what you are blogging about and who for, there are many things you can do to enhance and make the most of your blogging experience. You can add extra features to your blog that will make it more interesting or informative. You could use your b

Looking at blogs

The activities in this section guide you into searching for and subscribing to blogs of interest.

Creating and Managing Files 2

It`s important that you understand how to navigate through your computer`s directory system, and organise your files so that you can find them at a later date. This learning resource will help you to gain familiarity with the process of doing these things

Creating and Managing Files

This page aims to provide links to resources that can be used to support learning about creating and managaging files

Finding information in technology

The internet provides a world of information, but how do you find what you are looking for? This unit will help you discover the meaning of information quality and teach you how to evaluate the material you come across in your study of technology. You will

Living with the Internet: online shopping

Online shopping – think of it as a shopping centre in cyberspace, with online auctions as the car-boot sale in the car park. This unit will help you understand how to use online shopping sites, how to ensure that you are using the best sites and the best w