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VUMA! Skills Zone Project

The aim of the AgShare project is to create a scalable and sustainable method of filling critical gaps in agriculture related curriculum through a redesigned MSc process. Graduate students are engaged in action and participatory research which connects them to communities and smallholders and through rigorous research practices produces high quality peer reviewed research, case studies and extension materials. The scalable process requires a collaboration of organizations that provide guidelines for action research, how to produce OERs, how to disseminate materials for research and community stakeholders. These OER materials fill critical resource gaps in African MSc agriculture curricula which can be modified for other downstream uses. African agriculture universities, faculty, students, researchers, NGO leaders, extension staff, and farmers will participate in building AgShare by demonstrating its benefits and outcomes and by building momentum and support for growth. Find out more

Bunda College of Agriculture

The Bunda College of Agriculture Communication Skills project, spearheaded by International Association for Digital Publications (IADP), focuses on providing capacity to develop teaching and learning materials by adapting OER. It is one of several projects focussing on extending the IADP Affordable Access project running in South African higher education institutions into universities in Malawi and Botswana. Find out more

Skills for a Changing World

The Skills for a Changing World Programme seeks to provide educational opportunities for those who are currently excluded from post-schooling education both at Further Education and Training (FET) level and Higher Education (HE) level. In addition to preparing students for further study, the programme also aims to prepare students for the world of work by focusing on the development of generic skills that are essential for successful functioning in today's economy. Find out more

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