University of Southern Queensland Open Courseware

Module S5 ? Reviewing your career and study decisions

"This module allows students to examine commonly-used decision-making styles in relation to theircareer management processes

Module C11 : Exam preparation

This module is concerned with preparing students for exams

Module S4 : Studying, learning and preparing for exams

This module introduces students to the possible effects of stress on their achievement of study goals

Module C10 : Report writing at university

This module looks at report writing and the different structures of reports

Module C9 : Presenting ideas

This module deals with writing introductions and conclusions

Module C8 ? Meeting lecturers? expectations

This module looks at examining and defining the task before beginning an assignment.

Module C7 : Constructing an argument

This resource looks at constructing an argument in written form. It also deals with essay structure.

Module C1 ? Learning at university

This module highlights some of the key features of university reading and writing

Module S2 ? Planning your study program day by day

"This module covers creating an outline plan, a detailed action plan, and a detailed study schedule "

Module C4 ? Sources of knowledge and ideas

This module looks at different sources of knowledge and how they are valued at university. It then looks at referencing. Students are then introduced to the purpose of lectures and how to learn from them. Finally it deals with some depth with strategies fo