Ngugi, Catherine

The Impact of OER and eLearning on Higher Education in Africa

Presentation by Catherine Ngugi and Neil Butcher at the African Education Week, Sandton Convention Centre, 2nd - 4th July 2012

Supporting Collaboration Through Online Platforms?

Catherine Ngugi formed part of a panel discussion on collaboration on online and open source platforms at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Qatar in November 2011.

OER in Developing Countries: Towards Meaningful Partnership

A keynote address by C Ngugi at the Open Learning Conference 2009 in Nottingham, UK, November 2009. The focus of this address was that OER presents an opportunity to overhaul how we think about & practice higher education

A Rationale for Health OER in Africa - Health Symposium 3rd September, 2008

OER Africa believes that OER can positively support development and capacity of higher education systems and institutions across Africa and is concerned that if the concept and practice of OER evolves predominantly outside and for Africa, we in SSA will n

OER Africa: Maximising the Potential of OER for Sustainable Higher Education in Africa. ACDE Pre-Conference Workshop Eco Hotel, Lagos 8th July, 2008

This presentation provides an overview of OERAfrica, their aims and understanding of the role of OERs in Africa, with particular reference to higher education on the content. Additional author:Butcher, Neil

The Relevance of Open Educational Resources to Higher Education in Africa

Higher Education Institutions in Africa increasingly find themselves trapped in an ineluctable impasse: To remain relevant they must satisfy the diverse and often contradictory demands of various stakeholders while doing so with severe limitations to t