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This section of the website provides links to the research outputs such as post-graduate theses, undergraduate student research, case studies and journal articles as a result of the following activities:



  1. Field-based action research that is carried out into farmers’ practices and needs by students, working closely with their faculty supervisors.  Research is participatory and involves relevant community-wide partners within respective value chains.
  2. Students, faculty and staff participate in capacity-building workshops in participatory action research, pedagogical design, OER and media production skills.

Case Studies

Theses (Completed, Examined and Defended)

  • Haumbe, E. 2015 Challenges of documenting and disseminating agricultural Indigenous knowledge for sustainable food security in Soroti District
  • Yohanes, Meron. 2015.‘Analysis of spatial co-integration of two major vegetable markets in Eastern Ethiopia’.

Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Geith, C. and Vignare, K. 2013. AgShare Open Knowledge: Improving Rural Communities through University Student Action Research.  Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Volume 17: Issue 2
  • Jemal, Y.H. 2015.The Potential of a Multimedia Open Educational Resource Module in Enhancing Effective Teaching and Learning in a Postgraduate Agricultural Program: Experience From AgShare Project Model. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Volume 17: Issue 2.
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