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AgShare OER Courses

Below is a list of resources produced by the AgShare partner institutions. We have also collected other African-produced Agriculture OER. To access these resources you can use the keyword search below or use the topic tree on the right to browse the collection. We also encourage you to explore the other websites listed under Agriculture OER Repositories on the right.

 Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis Module (Coffee)
The objective of this course is to provide students with a theoretical and empirical basis for valuating agricultural marketing organization and actors for market performance and public policy decision, and to enable them develop and use the tools of economic theory to analyse issues related to the marketing of agricultural commodities. 
  Agricultural Marketing Management Module
The main objective of this module is to develop your understanding and skills to successfully manage the marketing of agricultural and food products in a global, ever-changing, competitive and sometimes even in a hostile environment.

Farmers' Agribusiness Training Course
This Farmers' Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its intention is to provide access to provide access to additional skills and knowledge that will allow farmers to move from a 'farm' to a 'firm'. . 

  Farm Milk Production, Marketing and Processing Activities in Kiruhura
The main purpose of the study was for the AgShare team from Makerere University to share the agricultural skills and knowledge with Kiruhura farmers, and equip them with better milk handling and marketing skills through experience sharing and feedback meetings.
  Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis Module (Maize)
This module was developed from the first topic of the Collaborative Masters in Agricultural and Applied Economics course titled Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis. The module is subdivided into five sections. In section one introductory remarks, module objectives and expected learning outcomes are expounded. In section two, sub module 1 whose main thrust is to discuss economic role of prices is presented and related case studies and assignments unveiled. In section three, sub module 2, which centres on the various approaches to the study of agricultural market organization and performance, is presented and the related case studies unveiled. In section four, key issues discussed in the module are summarised. Finally in section five, two abstracts of the findings by masters’ students during the application of the modular approach to the maize and dairy subsector stakeholders are annexed.
  Dairy Products Quality and Safety Module
This module equips the student with a broad knowledge of quality assurance and quality management related to the safety of milk products. It further aims to provide and understanding of government regulations related to quality assurance and how to apply quality management tools to collect, organize and evaluate data.
  Perspectives of Agricultural Extension Module
The Perspectives of Agricultural Extension aims at providing Agricultural Information and Communication Management (AICM) students with an understanding of the perspectives of agricultural extension. Specifically, the module aims to:
  • Enable student understanding of agricultural extension perspectives in the current changing scenario of agriculture

  • Enhance students’ understanding of Information and Communication Technology and Management within the existing agricultural extension system and the changes that need to be considered


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