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Rural and Social Development

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 3 - Entrepreneurship. Lesson 1: Development of Entrepreneurial Mind Set

This lesson provides information on the role of entrepreneurship in economic development, how to identify sources of ideas for new agricultural ventures and methods for generating new ideas.

Internet Access and Internet Purchasing Patterns of Farm Households

TUsing data from the 2004 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) and a double-hurdle estimation approach, we explore the adoption of computers with Internet access by and Internet purchasing patterns of farm households.

Land Reform and Farm-Household Income Inequality: The Case of Georgia

The income inequality implications of land reform are examined for the case of Georgia using regression-based inequality decomposition techniques.

The Effect of Farm Labor Organization on IPM Adoption. Empirical Evidence from Thailand

This paper examines the effect of labor organization on integrated pest management (IPM) using cross section data collected from a participatory farming system survey of 157 durian growers in Chanthaburi, Thailand, in 2005.

A Competing Values Approach to Small Family Business Succession

The objective of this study is to develop a spatial ‘competing values’ framework to characterize rural family businesses.

The social, economic and environmental impact from a hypothetical reduction in direct payments in Hungary

Within the context of CAP reform slated to begin in 2013, several Member States have already proposed a significant cutback in direct payments. This paper contends that such measures would have broad and harsh consequences for Hungarian agriculture.

The Relative Cost Efficiencies of Commercial Banks, Rural Financial Institutions, and Microfinance Institutions in China

This study employed data envelopment analysis (DEA) to evaluate the comparative efficiency performance of selected commercial banks, rural financial institutions and microfinance institutions in China.

Formal and Informal Credit Markets and Rural Credit Demand in China

This research focuses on the evolving rural credit market in China, where borrowing from the social network has been common but the recent economic transition has made this informal credit market inadequate in addressing rural credit needs.