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Natural Resources and Environment

Household Food Security. Module 3 - Sustainable Natural Resources Use

In this module your main task is to plan and carry out a set of activities with selected households in the community to help them gain a good understanding of their current and possible future use of natural resources in their area.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 2 - Sustainable Agriculture. Lesson 3: Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture

This lesson provides information on value factors for various agricultural products, describes methods of sustaining or improving yield, identifies the economic value change due to yield and the impact of value addition to agricultural products.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 2 - Sustainable Agriculture. Lesson 2: Management of Agricultural Resources

This lesson deals with vital agricultural inputs and resources, balancing of output and input requirements and helps the learner to understand improvement measures for agricultural resources available to them.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 1 - Structure of Agriculture and Agricultural Policies. Lesson 1: Introduction to Agriculture

This lesson provides an overview of the role of agriculture and farmers in the Kenyan economy. It further provides an overview of the agro-ecosystem zones and soil types related to various production systems.

Weather Effects on Trend, Variance and Distribution of Crop Yield

This paper addresses some limitations in the literature that result from not taking into account weather, and proposes an approach to incorporate weather into modeling yield.

Weather Index Insurance and the Pricing of Spatial Basis Risk

From an empirical point of view this paper investigates basis risk using a novel approach to space measurement to quantify risk for weather index insurance.

Designing Rainfall Insurance Contracts for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage

In the paper, preliminary results of the analysis of potential use of climate forecast information in designing rainfall index insurance in the southeastern region of the U.S. are reported.

Will Carbon Find a Home on the Range? A Monte Carlo Simulation

As concerns over global climate change increase, there is growing interest in the potential for agricultural lands to provide ecosystem services related to carbon sequestration.

Governance Issues in the Principal-Agent Framework: Producing Cellulosic Ethanol in Michigan

This article analyzes the incentives and compensation problems faced by cellulosic ethanol producer and logging firms and the consequent impact on the organization of the wood based cellulosic ethanol industry in the US.