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Government, Administration and Legislation

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 4 - ICT in Support of Farming. Lesson 3 : Record Keeping II

This lesson provides information on what farming activities could be considered `Enterprises" and incorporated into an Enterprise Accounting spreadsheet, how to use functions to calculate totals and averages within the spreadsheet program, customise formu

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 3 - Entrepreneurship. Lesson 4: Record Keeping

In this lesson the importance of keeping records in a business is discussed as well as the types of records an entrepreneur should keep and processes to do this.

Farmers Agribusiness Training Course

This Farmers` Agribusiness training course has been developed to help both farmers and farmer organisations. Its intention is to provide access to provide access to additional skills and knowledge that will allow farmers to move from a `farm` to a `firm`.

Farmer's Agribusiness Training Course: Module 3 - Entrepreneurship. Lesson 2: Organisation of Agricultural Enterprises

This lesson explains the importance of a formal and informal organisation, the process for establishing an agricultural enterprise and the different legal requirements in setting up a new agricultural enterprise.

Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) Program or Traditional Government Payment Programs: What Factors Matter?

Rankings of different risk management portfolios including Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) are evaluated in this paper as well as interactions between ACRE and traditional government programmes under comprehensive scenarios of price and yield risks.

Westland/Hallmark: 2008 Beef Recall; A Case Study by The Food Industry Center

A Humane Society video, made secretly at the Westland/Hallmark plant in late 2007 and released in early 2008, led to the recall of 143 million pounds of beef.

An Empirical Investigation of the Impacts of Government Program Payments On Farmland Rental Rates

The paper investigates the capitalizations of aggregate and disaggregate government subsidies into farmland rental rates using selection bias correction models.

Agriculture for Sustainable Economic Development: A Global R&D Initiative to Avoid a Deep and Complex Crisis

A global initiative for accelerated agriculture productivity is necessary now; such an initiative makes economic sense, is pro-poor and sustainable, and serves security.