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Food Security

Climate change and hunger

This report reviews current knowledge of the effects of climate change on hunger.

Inorganic fertilizer in Uganda

Agriculture is at the core of the livelihoods of most rural households in Uganda.

Demand characteristics for rice, cowpea and maize seeds in Nigeria

Demand patterns for improved seed vary significantly among individual farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa because of the different capacity of farmers to overcome various constraints.

Agricultural growth and investment options for poverty reduction in Nigeria

This study uses an economy-wide, dynamic computable general equilibrium (DCGE) model to analyze the ability of growth in various agricultural subsectors to accelerate overall economic growth and reduce poverty in Nigeria over the next years (2009-17).

Decentralization, agricultural services and determinants of input use in Nigeria

The substantial differences in agricultural productivity between Asia and Africa can be largely explained by differences in use of modern inputs. The evidence suggests that better access to infrastructure (such as roads and irrigation) and agricultural se

Ensuring food and nutrition security in rural Nigeria: An Assessment of the Challenges, Information Needs, and Analytical Capacity

Malnutrition is widespread in Nigeria, especially in rural areas. Nigerians are vulnerable to chronic food shortages, erratic supply, poor quality food, and fluctuating food prices. The huge investment in ensuring food and nutrition security for Nigerian