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Food Security

The Impact of Agricultural Growth on Rural Non-Farm Incomes and Employment in Alabama

The objective in this paper therefore is to examine the importance of rural-urban growth linkages with a focus on the Black Belt region and estimate agricultural growth multipliers.

Dynamic Changes in Market Structure and Competition in the Corn and Soybean Seed Sector

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the dynamics of R&D investments, and the structure of the seed distribution sector using novel data sets that have not been used before to describe competition in these industries.

The Impact of Biofuels Policy on Agribusiness Stock Prices

This study investigates the impact of biofuels policy on U.S. agribusiness stock prices.

Global agricultural market trends revisited: The roles of energy prices and biofuel production

This paper highlights a discussion on the Agricultural Treadmill and concludes with implications of the authors findings on world food security and policies for sustained alleviation of global nutrition.

Cairo Evaluation Clinic: Thoughts on Randomized Trials for Evaluation of Development

We were asked to discuss specific methodological approaches to evaluating three hypothetical interventions. This article uses this forum to discuss three misperceptions about randomized trials.

The Impact of credit constraints on the adoption of hybrid maize in Malawi

The paper investigates the impact of credit constraints on the adoption of hybrid maize among rural households in Malawi using the treatment-effects model.

Evaluation of CO2 Emissions by Kansas Agribusiness Retailers

The objective of this study was to estimate carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions from eight agribusiness retailers in Kansas. Data consisted of energy inputs from the operation of the agribusiness retailers and the crop land these retailers serve.

Comfirmatory Bias under Food-Borne Risk: A Lab Experiment

An experiment was conducted to investigate the interaction between consumers’ past eating behaviors, risk perceptions and future information processing procedure.