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Farming Practices and Systems

Measuring agricultural research investments

Revised calculations of global agricultural research and development R&D) spending show that the world is investing less in agricultural research than previously thought. In addition, the agricultural R&D spending of developing countries has been revised

Transaction costs and investment in irrigation pumps: Evidence from Nigeria

Small-scale private irrigation schemes (SPRI) have been the major driving force behind the expansion of irrigated areas in Nigeria

Land tenure and agricultural productivity in Uganda

Uganda’s significant economic growth over the last twenty years seemed to create favorable conditions for increased agricultural productivity

Experience with weather index-based insurance in India and Malawi

Index-based insurance is an innovative financial product that has been introduced in recent years in countries as diverse as India, Malawi, Mongolia and Thailand.

Enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural commodity chains in Nigeria

Since registering a disappointing growth of 1.2 percent in 2002, Nigeria’s economic performance has rebounded

Agricultural growth and investment options for poverty reduction in Nigeria

This study uses an economy-wide, dynamic computable general equilibrium (DCGE) model to analyze the ability of growth in various agricultural subsectors to accelerate overall economic growth and reduce poverty in Nigeria over the next years (2009-17).