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Farming Practices and Systems

Improving Farm-to-Market Linkages through Contract Farming A Case Study of Smallholder Dairying in India

Contract farming is emerging as an important form of vertical coordination in the agrifood supply chain in India, and its socioeconomic consequences are attracting considerable attention in public policy debates. This study is an empirical assessment of t

Combating stem and leaf rust of wheat: Historical Record, Impacts, and Lessons Learned

This case study explores the half century of successful efforts of the international wheat stem and leaf rust resistance programs within the context of the international agricultural research system.

It?s a Small World After All: Defining Smallholder Agriculture in Ghana

Strategies for boosting the agricultural economies of developing countries usually focus on small farms, attempting, for example, to link smallholders with markets through production chain development. However, such strategies often fail to differentiate

Identifying Opportunities in Ghana?s Agriculture: Results from a Policy Analysis Matrix

Recent increases in cereals prices raise questions about agricultural priorities in Ghana. This report presents an application of the Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) to the problem of identifying opportunities to enhance agriculture’s contribution to economi

Agricultural Strategy Development in West Africa: the False Promise of Participation?

Participatory approaches are an increasingly prominent technique for designing agricultural strategies within Sub-Saharan Africa. However, such approaches are frequently criticized for either not involving enough stakeholders or limiting the scope of thei

Surveillance and Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in Ghana ? An assessment of institutions and actors

Since its re-emergence, HPAI H5N1 has attracted considerable public and media attention because the viruses involved have been shown to be capable of producing fatal disease in humans. While there is fear that the virus may mutate into a strain capable of

Productivity convergence in Brazil: the Case of Grain Production

In recent years, Brazil has become a considerable player in agricultural markets for a number of commodities. Such agricultural growth in Brazil has largely been the result of gains in productivity over the last several decades.

Advancing agriculture in developing countries through knowledge and innovation

About 75 percent of the world’s poor people live in rural areas, and most of them are involved in farming. Agricultural development in these areas is often constrained by issues of access to appropriate technologies; immense “institutional weaknesses”; an

Building capacity to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of poor small-scale farmers

If poverty is to be tackled in Africa, the productivity of the agricultural sector—which employs the majority of the citizenry—must be increased. This is especially crucial at a time when food prices are surging as a result of increasing demand for food g