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Farming Practices and Systems

Dynamic Optimization of Area Revenue Insurance and Consumption Smoothing

This study examines the interaction between insurance, credit and liquidity constraints using a stochastic dynamic model.

An Analysis of the Financial Performance of Beginning Farmers

This study examines the financial performance and stress experienced by beginning farmers in the U.S.

Farmer Participation in Supermarket Channels, Production Technology and Technical Efficiency: The Case of Vegetables in Kenya

Supermarkets are currently gaining ground in the agri-food systems of many developing countries. While recent research has analyzed income effects in the small farm sector, impacts on farming efficiency have hardly been studied.

An analytical framework for incorporating land use change and forestry in a dynamic CGE model

The purpose of this paper is to fill this gap by presenting a consistent analytical framework which can be used to incorporate forestry into a recursively dynamic global CGE model.

LL601 Contamination and Its Impact on U.S. Rice Prices

LL601 is a genetically modified rice variety and unapproved for commercial use. Its presence was found in commercial shipments of U.S. rice in 2006.

Local Buyer Market Power and Horizontally Differentiated Manufacturers

In this paper we study a farmer-processor relationship, where market power is bidirectional: processors have buyer as well as seller market power.

The Special Safeguard Mechanism in the Doha Development Agenda: a Case Study of Soybeans

The Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM) proposed for developing countries has become a thorny issue in the Doha Development Agenda’s (DDA) agricultural negotiations.

An Empirical Investigation of the Impacts of Government Program Payments On Farmland Rental Rates

The paper investigates the capitalizations of aggregate and disaggregate government subsidies into farmland rental rates using selection bias correction models.

An Econometric Analysis of U.S. Crop Yield and Cropland Acreage: Implications for the Impact of Climate Change

We conduct an econometric analysis of the factors influencing U.S. crop yields and acres using U.S. county level data from 1977 to 2007 and evaluate the likely effects of future climate change on U.S. crop yields based on the projected climate changes by